The Secret of the Treasure Keepers by A.M.Howell

A.M. Howell has done it again with her latest book, The Secret of the Treasure Keepers, set in the Fens of East Anglia in the years following WWII.

Howell has a talent for historical writing and mysteries. Each of her books has been a fascinating trip through time to learn and understand society and people of those years. For me, I enter her world through the first chapter and find myself completely engrossed in the time period within a few pages. She truly brings history to life. All set in East Anglia, Howell is a local author for me and I am so pleased to see this part of England celebrated and highlighted.

Her research is clearly deep and this book speaks about the beginning of the NHS and about a one stop shop in place of visiting butcher, grocery, etc, which her dad thinks will never take off. I laughed at this thought as where would we now be without these stores!

Joe and Ruth become detectives and allies in this tale of archeology and family. Having enough in common to form a friendship, these two will need to work together to solve several interwoven mysteries. Mistakes will be made but they are both determined to see Rook Farm saved.

Both have their own reasons for wanting to save Rook Farm, and there is a real sense of working together for both their families, not just themselves. As the mysteries were unfolding, I made some judgements and Howell once again proved me wrong, ensuring her talent for mystery writing.

Having watched each of her books take the UK by storm, she has earned her place in the kids lit market. I for one will buy anything with her name on as I know I am guaranteed a brilliant adventure.

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