Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels by Tim Collins

Written by Tim Collins, Illustrations by John Bigwood, Published by Buster Books

This is a fast paced and exciting mystery for young super sleuths to sink their teeth into! Obviously based on world famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, we have Sherlock Bones and his partner in crime solving, Dr Jane Catson.

In this first book of the series, Sherlock and Catson are awaiting their next mystery, which happens to feature the Queen, a grumpy looking pug. Her Crown Jewels have been stolen and Sherlock and Catson immediately begin investigating. Inspector Bloodhound seeks their help and is well meaning but plagued by a squad of puppies who love to chase, leap and dig!

As you read along, you get pulled into the action and can picture the idiosyncrasies of Sherlock being pitched at a dog and cat level. Sherlock munches bones when thinking and Catson loves a good nap. There are over 30 puzzles dotted along the tale to keep you thinking, guessing and making discoveries. The great thing is that you can solve these at any point, they are there for fun, not for the sole purpose of moving forward in the story. I love a good puzzle and came back to revisit a few once I had read the whole story.

A perfect length for young readers and with enough illustrations to provide brilliant details and glimpses into this world, I can see this being a popular series. There are multiple suspects and clues along the way and I admit to not knowing “whodunit” until it was revealed. I love a story that proves to be very cleverly written! Sherlock Bones is a new series that I will certainly invest in and I can’t wait to join Sherlock and Catson on their next adventure!

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