Antarctica Blog Tour

What an inspiring book for young and hopeful explorers, environmentalists, historians, geographers, marine biologists…there is so much within this book for readers of all interests.

Antarctica is one of the most inhospitable places in our world and only a select few can travel here to explore and discover its secrets. Author Karen Romano Young has travelled to this cold and mysterious continent and walks the reader through her own experience, but also that of famous explorers, current scientists and the creatures who can sustain life in this climate.

While reading, there is much to learn and discover and the illustrations truly help us to view and envisage life in the South Pole. I particularly loved figuring out just how many layers were needed to feel warm and insulated from the harsh weather.

With many KS2 classes learning about Shackleton, exploring and environmental issues, this would be the ideal book to accompany any of those topics. Brilliant amounts of information presented clearly and in a narrative format, making it easy and accessible. The illustrations are stunning and vividly drawn.

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