Skandar and the Unicorn Thief by A. F. Steadman

The proof copy aligned me with Earth and the hardback final copy is stunning!

Imagine a world where unicorns are not sparkly, shiny and full of rainbow light. Instead they are rotting, grotesque and blood-thirsty. Welcome to AF Steadman’s world of unicorns, bonding and thrilling yet deadly races.

Skandar and sister, Kenna live on the mainland and it is widely known that when they turn 13, they can take the Hatchery exam, which will lead them to becoming unicorn riders. Kenna didn’t make it and Skandar has been banned from taking the test.

When a mysterious stranger appears at midnight to take Skandar to the hatchery door to try to bond with a unicorn, they are all shocked but this is something Skandar has been dreaming of his whole life and so grasps the opportunity wholeheartedly.

When Skandar hatches a black unicorn with a white stripe, his new acquaintances step away. It seems Skandar is not who he thinks he will be, and there are tell tale signs that he needs to keep hidden. Forming a bond with Scoundrel’s Luck, the pair become entwined with new friends, new trials, training and huge secrets.

Believing this to be an absolute nightmare inducing tale, I found my courage and dove in, only to find it more thrilling than scary, more exciting and full of hope and friendship. I also love the unicorn with the fabulous fart trick! It certainly added a light touch to the story.

Skandar must prove himself against all the possible odds and I love his journey of self discovery and his strength of character when push comes to shove.

This is certainly one to watch and with news of more to come in 2023, choose your power! Will you align with Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Spirit powers?

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