New Non-Fiction Titles

A school library I work with are looking to re-vamp their non-fiction shelves and I am so pleased to be able to recommend and send these titles their way! Absolutely sure to engage and inspire young readers to learn more, these titles are spectacular!

A Day in the Life Big Cats by Tyus D. Williams and Chaaya Prabhat, Published by Neon Squid
History of Astronomy by Elliot Kruszynski, Published by Cicada Books
Tales of Ancient Worlds by Stefan Milosavljevich and Sam Caldwell, Published by Neon Squid
The Unofficial Guide to the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife by Ziggy Hanaor and Laura Winstone, Published by Cicada Books
Writes of Passage, Words to Read Before you Turn 13, Selected by Nicolette Jones, Published by Nosy Crow
Built by Animals by Christiane Dorion and Yeji Yun, Published by Wide Eyed Editions
Do You Love Exploring? By Matt Robertson, Published by Bloomsbury
Around the World in 80 Trees by Ben Lerwill and Kaja Kajfez, Published by Welbeck Publishing

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