Looking for Emily by Fiona Longmuir

Written by Fiona Longmuir, Cover by Carmi Grau, Published by Nosy Crow

This is a stellar mystery with “exactly the right curious, incorrigible little girl” at its heart.

Lily and her mum have moved to the seaside town of Edge, where cliffs loom and caves deepen into tunnels below the town. This is a place with a shady, piratical past and stories handed down of giant diamonds. While exploring her new home town, Lily finds herself mixed up and lost, uncertain which way to turn. Discovering a strange cottage door left ajar, she peeks in and discovers The Museum of Emily. Torn between trepidation and excitement, Lily believes there to be a story here but at the moment, she is alone and has no friends.

Challenged with homework consisting of saying hello to someone new, Lily meets Sam. When Lily and Sam form a friendship, and with other friend Jay, the trio lean themselves into discovering more about Emily, her drowned mother and missing sister. What happened to them? Was it sinister or accidental or by choice?

With so many questions left unanswered, they create a board of discoveries, questions and leads, just as a detective would. Their main lead is a creepy man lurking about town, a man they are sure destroyed their board and notes one afternoon. The danger is real within this story and the trio find themselves, more than once, in a life threatening situation.

With the help of Ms Bright, the librarian and a few late night escapades, answers and hope are found.

Told in dual perspective, we read a chapter about Lily and her quest to discover the truth and then the next chapter will be from Emily as we learn the truth about the aftermath of her mothers drowning.

I had to read this in one sitting as I needed to learn more about Emily, the story of the diamond and the truth about what happened to the family. Beguiling, thrilling and entirely wonderful, this is a mystery to dig your teeth into.

Lily, Sam and Jay are exceptionally written characters and their differences come together to make them a strong team. As with any small town, everyone knows everyone else but secrets are harboured just waiting to be discovered!

With several surprising twists, this book will keep you on your toes.

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