Picture Book Perfect

Having read these over the weekend, I can guarantee their brilliance for reading aloud and for generating laughter, questions and thoughts.

A Quokka for the Queen by Huw Lewis Jones and Fred Blunt, Published by Happy Yak
How Messy by Clare Helen Welsh and Olivier Tallec, Published by Happy Yak
The Royal Leap-Frog by Peter Bently and Claire Powell, Published by Bloomsbury
We Found a Cat by Heidi McKinnon, Published by Scholastic
Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf by Sam Wedelich, Published by Scholastic
Unicorns Don’t Love Sparkles by Lucy Rowland and Mike Byrne, Published by Scholastic
Not A Cat in Sight by Frances Stickley and Eamonn O’Neill, Published by Simon & Schuster
Home is Where the Hive Is by Claire Winslow and Vivian Mineker, Published by Sunbird Books

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