The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams by Shane Hegarty

Photo courtesy of Hachette

This is a story with hilarity at its yummy core!

Splottpool is Limpet’s new home and he is nervous about all the things that could go (badly) wrong. His mum is determined for them to be happy here and wants to open a ice cream store selling impossible flavours, like tuna and celery, parsnip and others that are rather unimaginable yet rather inventive.

Limpet, or Liam, as he would prefer to be called is mortified and just wants some good luck. When a lucky lemon rolls his way, he can feel the fizz of magic and decides to test it out. Initially it looks as though it is true, the lemon really is lucky, but these lemons come with a few rules, none of which Limpet actually heard.

Funny and heart warming, Limpet learns to look for luck , even in the bad things and finds much more than he bargained for. Such a cool story, with an exuberant and over the top ice cream baddie!

Think chaos causing chickens, disco dancing baddie and the weirdest flavours of ice cream ever and you have all the makings for a brilliant tale!

Photo courtesy of Hachette

Check out an extract from chapter one!

Chapter 1

The first thing to know about Limpet is that his favourite ice cream was vanilla.

There was nothing dangerous about vanilla ice cream. Nothing that might jump out and attack you.

Whatever might attack you from an ice cream? you ask.

Limpet knew every way an ice cream might attack you. He had written them all down in his notebook of Things That Might Go (Badly) Wrong.

A chocolate flake might go up your nose and poke your brain.

Strawberry sauce might cause a wasp to get stuck on your lip. And then another wasp might attack you to rescue its wasp friend.

Sprinkles might make you sneeze really loudly and Limpet’s one wobbly tooth might fall out in the sneeze and rocket up someone’s nose and that person would have to live with a tooth up their nose for the rest of their life and . . .

.. . No, vanilla would do just fine for Limpet. Nothing could go wrong with vanilla.

Unless it was vanilla in a cone. Cones always got soggy bottoms and dripped on the ground and Limpet could slip and fall.

He did like other ice creams. His mum loved making them, and he enjoyed helping her.

Together they had made raspberry ripple, tutti frutti, rocky road, and tuna and celery.

OK, he didn’t like tuna and celery ice cream too much.

The second thing to know about Limpet is that he did not like being called Limpet onebit. That was a nickname his mum gave him as a baby. He wouldn’t tell anyone why.

He liked his real name, Liam. He even liked his middle name, Patrick. And he didn’t mind his surname, Lewis.

Liam Patrick Lewis was a proper name for a ten-year-old. Limpet was not.

The third thing you need to know is that everyone called him Limpet anyway.

And that’s it. That’s all you need to know about Limpet for now.

Nothing else at all.

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