The After School Detective Club Series

A mystery set in Southwold led by children and an adorable dog named Sherlock. It was just what I needed to read! Mystery, intrigue and children at the helm!

Diving straight in, I had to save a few chapters for the next day as It was too good to let end.

Joe has moved to Southwold and is rather neglected by his family and has yet to make friends. Planning to run away, he meets Lucy and Max along the beach front and they happen upon Sherlock and Charlie. Formed together, they all witness a strange spectre holding a lantern on the rocks. A dangerous encounter ensues and the start of the mystery and meeting of “the after school detective club”.

Their friendships are slow to truly take off and they each bring their own issues and familial problems to the group but there is something bringing them together, and holding them there.

Joe is clearly the lead behind their first investigation but Max knows technology, Lucy is quick, Charlie is fearless, and Sherlock has great instincts!

I loved this book, finding it easy to read and get hooked on the mystery!

The Secret of Ragnar’s Gold, Book two in the series!

This is a sequel to The case of the smuggler’s curse, an old fashioned, proper kid led mystery with tunnels, treasure and a spot of parent free holidaying.

The After School detective club was formed when Max, Lucy, Charlie, Joe and Sherlock all met and became friends in Southwold. Their friendship has stood the test of time and their nose for adventure seems to play a key factor in their school holidays. When the chance to stay at Ufford Castle presents itself, Joe blindly leads his club into trouble, but once there they all agree it is worth it to see what they discover!

Ufford Castle is thought to be at the centre of two Suffolk legends, Black Shuck and Ragnor’s Gold. Black shuck is a large hell-hound intent on devouring souls. He roams about after dark and is terrifying with his yellow eyes. Ragnor’s Gold is an old Viking legend of Ragnar Lothbrok. In this tale, he was rumoured to have left behind his stash of treasure in case he was defeated on the battleground. Plenty of treasure seekers have hunted but driven themselves mad with looking for it.

The four children seem to inadvertently stumble upon clues and lead themselves and others directly to the stash.

Exciting and mysterious, this is a new favourite series for me, with a taste of local Suffolk flavour, location and legend. Authors notes at the back will direct readers to actual sites set within the county. A third in the series is planned and I can only hope this proves to be as popular as The Famous Five or Clifftoppers and has multiple mysteries in the series.

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