Alice Éclair Spy Extraordinaire by Sarah Todd Taylor

Written by Sarah Todd Taylor, Cover by Beatriz Castro, Publishing with Nosy Crow on 4th August

I love a good old fashioned mystery, and one set on a train makes it even better! Agatha Christie, MG Leonard, Sam Sedgman, Hannah Peck- all have written brilliant train based stories with mystery at their core.

Sarah Todd Taylor joins their ranks as she has created a wonderful new series based on Alice Éclair, part pastry chef, part spy.

Alice has huge talent in creating exceptional pastries, cakes and petite fours. She and her Mum own Vive Comme L’Eclair, the finest patisserie in Paris. These skills as a pastry chef and designer will transfer beautifully to her spying. Unsure of who is behind them, Alice has been receiving notes, cyphers and mini missions for several months. Each successful element has spurred her on to do more, learn more and figure out who is her trainer. Could it be someone she knows?

Her next mission is bigger and more dangerous than ever before. A trip aboard the Sapphire Express will put all of Alice’s talents to the test, both in the kitchen and spying. Someone on board is harbouring secrets and Alice is determined to solve the case and hand the information back to her trainer. As with any great mystery, there are plenty of characters on which to cast suspicions…potential jewel thieves…double agents…just who can Alice trust? Is anyone on board telling the truth?

This thrilling tale had me gripped as I followed Alice on her journey aboard the Sapphire Express. Full of twists, turns and epic surprises, I just had to keep reading! At times, I was giggling, others white knuckled and some moments were full of shock and rage! You certainly feel all that Alice is experiencing as she is a character who leaps off the page and dangles from train windows. Fearless, brave and loyal!

This is a series I know will be hugely popular with young readers! I just need to know how long until Alice is back with another adventure!

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