The Whale Watchers by Dougie Poynter

Finn, Jesse and their mum are off to Scotland for the summer holidays. While his friends travel to more tropical locations, Finn is stuck in rainy, cold and windy Scotland while his mum researches Minke whales in her job as a marine biologist. She spends her days off the coast on a research vessel while Finn and Jesse explore together.

Younger brother Jesse is obsessed with whales, humpbacks in particular so is excited and energetic about their summer plans. Finn longs for heat, pools and drinks with umbrellas.

Meeting Skye on their first full day on the island, she becomes a wealth of knowledge about the community and coastline. Never without her binoculars, she helps Jesse spot dolphins in the waves. Both Skye and Finn have a keen sense for saving the environment, making sensible choices whenever possible, from packing a lunch to litter picking along the beach.

When Mum’s job lands on the shore, the kids leap into action, heading out to sea to reach her and to save “Arrow”, a junior Minke whale. The behaviours of the whales have been changing and more are beaching themselves. It is down to the team to try to save Arrow in the best way possible. An event like this certainly highlights the importance of saving the planet and the oceans.

Reading this book, I was struck by the ease in which small changes are possible. The last 40+ pages in the book are filled with facts, the impacts of humans and tips for getting involved.

This is clearly a book written out of love for the planet and saving it and I thoroughly enjoyed the story as well as the information in the back. A brilliant class read, this could lead to some impactful community led activities in the interest of raising awareness and saving the planet.

Do find this book and purchase as Whale and Dolphin Conservation will receive a proportion of the profits from the sales.

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