The Spectaculars by Jodie Garnish

Usborne put together a “spectacular” proof package

This is a spectacular story with an elemental twist!

Harper discovers a secret one night, one that will lead her far from home and into wondrous new experiences and opportunities. She is a spectacular, as her dad once was and she is now old enough to become an apprentice at The Grand Wondria Music Hall and Theatre. She will live and study there.

As she adapts to new friends, abilities and plenty of wonderful tricks and theatrics, there is an underlying superstition present, one that she is blamed for bringing into the theatre. Theatre folk, in this story, are highly superstitious and one wrong wish almost brings down the house with the arrival of “misfortune”, a black panther intent on causing chaos and damage.

Harper is blamed but she is also the only one to want to investigate further and discover the truth behind all the appearances and disturbances. What she discovers is amazing and something that puts her into further danger, along with the entire family at the Wondria.

Such a brilliant book, one that has elements of a boarding school mystery, the supernatural and all the joys of finding new friends along the way. It also has Harper, who as a main character is “bold and practical”, one who will follow her own path! She is an admirable heroine and I do hope she has more adventures still to come.

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