A World for Me and You by Uju Asia

Illustrated by Jennie Poh, Published by Wren&Rook (Hachette)

The title of this colourful picture book is a wish we make for our own children, especially as they grow older, head to school and forge their own paths. Kindness is such a simple and easy thing to be. This beautiful book is a step in the right direction for creating inclusive, diverse and accepting classrooms.

Some philosophical questions are presented to the reader encouraging them to think outside the very familiar box and to look differently at the world and people around them. Imagine if we all looked the same, imagine a world without chocolate or imagine speaking an entirely different language to the rest of the world.

While posing those thought provoking questions, the book goes on to celebrate the variations in our skin colours, the stories that make us and foods we love, not to mention our languages, names and talents.

The image above is my favourite page as it celebrates the stories we carry with us and want to share with everyone. An absolute joy, this book will be shared with a delightful class of young readers tomorrow as they learn to be kind, welcoming and accepting of all!

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