No Place for Monsters Blog Tour

This is a very stylish story, part graphic novel and part chapter book, ideal for readers who find a lot of text daunting. The scary bits, monsters and thrills will have readers completely hooked.

The book is packed with fantastic illustrations and creepy creatures intent on stealing children. They lend themselves perfectly to the spooky atmosphere of the story. You can’t help but get drawn in to the story via these drawings.

Kat and Levi, both social outcasts at school, somehow become friends- mostly at Kat’s insistence. She is obsessed with the strange, the weird and the dark. She carries a book on cryptids with her to study and draws Levi into this new mystery of what is sucking the blood of the local sheep.

Levi doesn’t believe Kat most of the time but when his little sister goes missing, Levi is very willing to listen and to rescue her regardless of what lies ahead.

What follows is a “Stranger Things” style mystery with trips underground and plants that have powers, creatures of the dark and evil plans to farm humans. Kat and Levi, along with ancient and weird neighbours, The Mushpits, are the only ones who know something is wrong in town and remember the children who have gone missing.

Can they save Twila and the other missing children and save the town from the evil living below ground?

A super story, dark and twisted but very readable, perfect for darker Autumn evenings!

This review was featured on Twinkl in their article ‘Best Horror Books for Kids’.

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