Picture Book Perfect- Spooky Books

Halloween is such a huge event in Canada with stores full of pumpkins, ghosts, candy and costumes. It is certainly gaining a bigger following in the UK now but it can’t compare with my childhood Halloweens. My costume was always made to fit over my snowsuit, as we inevitably had snow by the end of October. My dad would carry my two pillowcases as they would get quite heavy by the end of the evening.

Think Hocus Pocus fun, streets filled with families and every house decorated and handing out various goodies. At the end of the evening, we would come home, empty the sacks of candy and it would get sorted! I was then allowed bits and pieces each day and sometimes, the candy would last until Christmas.

These books give me those memories in full technicolour and I can’t help but smile reading them!

No Home for a Ghost by Jess Rose, Published by Owlet Press
The Pumpkin Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Michelle Robinson and Mike Byrne, Published by Scholastic
The Baddies by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, Published by Scholastic

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