Gross Factopia! The Blog Tour

It’s been a great week of celebrating the latest volume of FACTopia, one series that offers so much to readers of all ages. This is the third in the series of a planned 8 and I can’t wait to have them all lined up together on a shelf.

Each volume features 400 linked facts and the reader can follow the path between the facts. Sometimes it branches out and readers have the freedom to move forward and backward at any time. The illustrations are a mix between graphics and illustration and they are awesome. They balance the facts perfectly!

My 14yo spotted this latest arrival and hid away with it. Being a non-reader, he found this an enjoyable way to spend some time. He could learn weird and wonderful facts to share with friends and the “grosser the better”, in his words.

His favourite fact is a dinosaur related one. “According to scientists, all the fresh water on Earth has been drunk- and peed out- by dinosaurs.” I am not quite sure how I feel about that one!

My favourite facts are generally about space…and in this FACTopia, I learned, “Because gas is flammable, it can be dangerous for astronauts to fart while in space.”

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