The Sticky Pines series by Dashe Roberts

Lucy Sladon is a girl on a mission- to seek the unexplained, the unbelievable and the unknown. Full of determination and spirit, she bowls headlong into searches that will quell her insatiable appetite for aliens and other wondrous creatures.

There are currently 3 books in the series. It all began with The Bigwoof Conspiracy, then we had The Thing at Black Hole Lake and the third is The Valley of the Strange. I thought this was intended as a trilogy but have recently learned there is more to come!

We first meet Lucy one night while hunting and she bumps into Milo, the new kid whose Dad owns tue local factory, Sticky Pines. He has changed the name is Nu Co and here is where the adventure begins.

From mind control to shape shifters and a black hole lake with its own mystery, there is so much happening in each book with Lucy and Milo directly in the middle. Lucy is firm and confident in her beliefs where Milo is stuck between seeing and believing, not to mention wanting to please his father!

We get to see their development over the course of the three books and in book two, really get to know Milo. There is a great family vibe in the Sladen house and Milo’s is not as cosy or warm but he loves his father and will do anything to please him, even in book three when it can turn everything wrong.

Can Lucy and Milo remain friends through all they see and learn about Sticky Pines? What about the Pretenders? Are they safe and where are they actually from?

This is the ultimate autumnal series, utterly fantastic and one I hope continues as I need answers after the events of book three!

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