The Agency For Scandal by Laura Wood

The cover was revealed this week and it looks brilliant! Publishing in January 2023

Isobel Stanhope, a plain wallflower, is barely memorable. She stays in the background of events and allows those around her to take centre stage. Or so she would have us all believe.

She is actually a talented thief, spy, locksmith and occasionally, a boy named Kes. She is also infatuated with Max Vane, Duke of Roxton. He doesn’t know she exists.

Having been initiated into The Aviary, a group of women fighting behind the scenes for wronged and married women in London, she uses her wallflower abilities to get damning evidence to help the clients get financial or physical freedom.

I had been waiting for just the right time to read this and I savoured every single page as the story of Max and Izzy unfolded, along with the plot to take down the would be PM of England.

Danger, seduction and characters who are entirely brilliant make this a perfect page turner. I loved Izzy and the doubt she sometimes has for herself. Sylla, the Uber cool society belle who is critical and a perfectionist, pushing Izzy to be her best. Mrs Finch, the ideal leader of the pack, always calm, cool and in the know. Winnie and Maud, a talented couple who work hard and love hard. Teresa, the often overly colourful best friend and Max- the hero and love of her life.

A perfectly charming story- decadent, dangerous and delightful!

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