Tiggy Thistle and the Lost Guardians by Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell is a master of illustration and one of storytelling too.  You just have to sit in the audience when he is presenting/performing to know this to be true.  As he draws magic takes the shape of stories and these are held tightly by those listening in rapt attention.

The Cloud Horse Chronicles was a highly anticipated book and one I loved, not just for the drawings but for the coming together of magic, children and a journey, the most brilliant trio of ingredients for a story.

Tiggy Thistle is the second and final story in the duology.   Zam, Bethesheba and Phoebe have now been missing for 10 years, ever since winter arrived and never left.  They are legends in the world and all know they would have fought hard against whatever forces were behind the winter.  Cities, towns and homes have been emptied as people fled for warmer climates. Those left are ready and waiting for the time to come to rise against the winter and the evil forces.

For our young heroine, the time is now and it falls to her to lead the way! Tiggy is brave, kind and curious- the ultimate qualities in a heroine. She meets some fantastic characters who help her on her journey to end winter.

I loved the mix of legend, myth and magical adventures in this story.  Tiggy meets a formidable cast of characters in the story and hears their sides of events to form a fuller picture of the last 10 years.


As a duology, this makes for a brilliant session of storytelling!!

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