The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince Blog Tour

You have to admire Ian Eagleton and Davide Ortu for taking the classic fabled story of The Snow Queen and re-creating this magical winter tale for a more modern reader. Nen and the Lonely Fisherman made the book world think twice and look differently at the classic stories we know so well. This will just cement the need for change even further.

These classic tales are familiar but archaic, well loved but not inclusive or representative any more. Girls no longer need to be saved, and love is vital in all its forms! Ian’s books, along with Gender Swapped Fairy Tales and Gender Swapped Greek Myths need their place in our schools so all children have a chance to see themselves represented.

This enchanting story is full of courage, love and hope in the face of adversity, loneliness and fear. Kai, the woodcutter, is lonely, more so since the loss of his grandmother, whose stories enchanted him throughout his childhood. When one of the stories comes to life on a lonely Christmas Eve, it fills Kai with hope, and he feels fulfilled by the company of the Snow Prince.

When that night is over, Kai journeys, battles and faces peril to find his Snow Prince. Can he break the curse or will his journey have been in vain?

Davide Ortu has done wonders with the illustrations, evoking a feeling of chills throughout the story but always mixed with wonder and awe on every page. Hope flows through the story and that is the essence of a wonderful picture book.

A classic in the making, one for Christmas stockings and book advents this year!

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