Love and Magnificent Mothers!

Books make excellent gifts…especially for the ones we love the most- from Mums to Dads, grandparents to siblings and so many other family and friends who form part of our world. These stories would be perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas or a weekend treat.

You Are Loved A Book About Families by Margaret O’Hair and Sofia Cardoso, Published by Scholastic
Inspired by a true story of adoption and being welcomed into a family, this book celebrates the overarching theme of any family…Love! Reminding readers that a family can be any shape, size, distance or make-up, this gorgeous book will fill your heart and soul with love for friends, family, neighbours- anyone who makes you feel loved, special and welcome. A great story to share around Mother’s Day, or any other day of the year and with anyone you want to share the message of love and acceptance with.
A Pinch of Love by Barry Timms and Tisha Lee, Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
A delightfully wonderful story about the power in a pinch of love. A young boy and his grandmother share a love of baking and know the secret and magical ingredient is a pinch of love. They share their baking and love across their community, bringing smiles to the faces of those around them. The beautiful illustrations are joyous and colourful, spreading that pinch of love to the reader. An ideal story to share in a school assembly to promote kindness, understanding and unity within the community.
Amazing Mum by Alison Brown, Published by FarShore
A charming and beautiful celebration of mums! Simple, rhyming text show all the amazing ways that Mums step up to the challenge of raising children. From finding lost toys to reading bedtime stories and repairing and applauding, Mums are there for it all. Colourful and filled with mums of all shapes and sizes, readers will be able to relate to their own experiences with their mum. As a mum, I could see myself in this book and I could remember my own childhood and the way my Mum is! A perfect book for Mother’s Day!
Mums Are Magnificent by Simon Philip and Dawn Lo, Published by Little Tiger
Another stunning celebration of Mums everywhere! Rhyming and inclusive, mums are shown to be brave, bold and unique! Readers are encouraged to read through to meet the many types and styles of mums around the world, from roller skating mums, to quiet mums to pilot mums, this is an inclusive look at the vast strengths our mums have. Mums are Magnificent is a truly beautiful book, filled with stunning illustrations.
Don’t Wake Mum by Eden Wells and Sharon Davey, Published by Ladybird Books
You can imagine a similar scene around the world with children wanting to surprise mum with breakfast without waking her up. Eight bunnies have a plan but can they keep the noise down so mum can sleep? Pancakes are a messy business but they are so delicious, wafting the scent across the woodland enticing some unexpected guests. Mum springs awake with the shout of help, proving her strength, courage and love. Funny, rhyming and beautifully illustrated!
My Momma Zo by Kelly and Zoey Allen and Tara O’Brien, Published by UCLan Publishing
My Momma Zo is an empowering story of a family filled with love, acceptance and the desire for all to be happy and welcome. When Daddy’s happiness is at stake, the family work together to find out why and when they do, they celebrate and make Momma Zo feel confident to find her style! This is the first book I have read that celebrates the family support of a transgender woman, and it is a beautiful story. The illustrations are dynamic and colourful, ideal for this confidence boosting story.

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