The Detention Detectives by Lis Jardine

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Murder mystery!?!

In this new series, Jonno has just moved to a new town and high school, has no friends and has just discovered the body of his PE teacher. Getting mixed up in a murder investigation might just be the trouble Jonno is looking for. He will do just about anything to force his parents to move back to their old town and his best friends. He is feeling left out, forgotten and uncertain of where he fits in this new school.

Daniel and Lydia, pseudo-friends are also on the case of solving Mr Baynton’s demise and this will get all three into some serious trouble and danger along the way.

Set over the course of 6 days, it is hard to believe just how engrossed in this mystery the theee detectives become…from hacking computers to visiting another victim in the hospital.

I was completely hooked from the start and throughout, the pace was quick, action packed and thought provoking. I had my suspicions about who was behind the murder but there were enough plot twists and turns to keep the reader reading and guessing.

I am already looking forward to book 2!

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