Clutch by M.G. Leonard

Written by M.G. Leonard, Cover by Paddy Donnelly, Publishing 6 April with Walker Books

Twitch, Spark and now Clutch….a trilogy of brilliant books featuring Twitch, a bird-obsessed boy who also happens to get embroiled in local mysteries. Along with friend Jack, and the entire Twitcher gang, Twitch is a one of a kind kid, with kindness and a deep love for nature and its gifts.

The gang are back as Spring holidays arrive but there is already a mystery to solve. Someone has stolen the peregrine falcon eggs from the nest. Knowing how illegal and immoral this is, the Twitchers set off to find clues and learn what they can about potential suspects. With a fishing competition taking place in Aves Woods, there are new people to investigate, follow and spy on. There are also new nesting pairs of birds to protect.

Filled with adventure, action and sting operations, this is such an exciting story. It all takes a turn for the worst when Twitch’s bird obsession leads the police to count him as the key suspect. The Twitchers really need to catch the true thief in order to save Twitch.

Friendship and protection of nature is at the heart of these stories. I found, since reading Twitch, that I have a new found respect for birds and love the morning bird-song as I take an early morning puppy walk. Twitch has remained true to his passion in each story and actually gathers more and more Twitchers with each story, as they are drawn to saving nature with him.

A remarkable story! I really hope there will be more from this series!

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