Into the Faerie Hill Blog Tour

H.S. Norup has the incredible ability to transport her readers to a new world, having done so in her previous books. In this book, we meet Alfred as he arrives at his grandmother’s house, a cottage bearing wood sculptures in every window. Certain he has spotted them moving, Alfred becomes curious about each one. There is an eagle, bear, mole, catfish, bat, water sprite and a face with a forked tongue.

Alfred will be staying with his grandmother while his dad works near by building a tunnel to connect the motorway. What Alfred and his Dad do not realise is the connection this tunnel will have to the Faerie realm, the community and to Alfred’s lost mother. Meeting Saga, a young girl with a tree sprite following her, Alfred finally feels accepted and happily forms a bond with her. They study some of the sinkholes around the forest, and learn of something that might stop the tunnel project drilling into Faerie Hill.

Along their adventure, Alfred is also determined to learn more about his mother. She disappeared when he was a baby and he feels a connection to the water sprite statue above all the others. He is ready to make trades and follow faeries but it is Saga who speaks with reason and knowledge about the fae and their tricks.

This is a brilliant story of family, friends and finding where you belong. It is about knowing who you are and wanting to feel a connection to your parents and to the wonders of nature surrounding you.

It is an exciting adventure, filled with fae dangers and a cast of excellent characters who carry the story along guiding the reader through dark tunnels, impressive caves and into the realm of faerie!

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