Lily Grim and the City of Undone

A mysterious story, adventurous and exciting where you meet Lily, a young girl with a mysterious past. She was left with Gabriel as a baby and he has raised her as his own but there is some reason why they are hiding from a man wearing a top hat and walking about with a lion.

Lily has plenty of questions about who she is, why they live so meagrely, and why people hate the Others. On one fateful day, she will learn all this and more!

When her “father figure” Gabriel decides to answer them, he is beaten and Lily barely escapes with her life. She is being tracked by The Master, the leader of The Ring. The Ring is like a prison where people are lime-washed and strips of red paint are swiped across their eyes and mouths. A terrifying prospect for anyone different.

At times, creepy, I was sat on the edge of my seat, willing good things to happen while at others there were brilliant plot twists that had me gasping and gearing up for a battle. Lily is superb and I have a soft spot for Dekka, Tawni and the “family” Lily discovers and finds a home with.

This is a must-read for 2023! It publishes on the 11th of May, just a week to go!

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