Picture Book Perfect

Some chaos and giggle inducing books on today’s list! And some thoughtful ones. So many picture books and they just make me smile!

Holey Moley by Bethan Clarke and Anders Frang, Published by Little Tiger
Mavis Mole is meeting Gus the Goat for the first time and before she can say where she lives, Gus is guessing. Gus loves to guess and he loves to rhyme…and so the hilarity begins. Gus guesses that Mavis lives in a hole, on a pole and in a sausage roll. Mavis tries to explain but Gus is on a roll and loving the fun of figuring it all out. Perfect for learning about the ridiculousness of rhymes and fun of language. Will Gus figure it out? The beautiful illustrations bring the woodland to life along with goat’s silly and outlandish notions.
Unicorn Not Wanted by Fred Blunt, Published by Happy Yak
This will have young readers giggling and loving the trouble that unicorn and pug cause throughout this entire story. We begin in the wild west where there are no unicorns…but why is that horse wearing such a tall hat? As you follow along with the narrator, it is fun to see the side story of the unicorn and pug wanting to play a part in the book. Enjoy the tantrums, costumes and chaos caused- it is entirely brilliant. From fantastic illustrations and details to bright colours and a bold unicorn, this is a must read!
Dick the Delightful Duck by Kaye Umansky and Ben Mantle, Published by Scholastic
This is such a brilliant story- filled with humour, rhyme and delightful Dick the Duck. Dick the Duck is the super friendly, kind and welcoming friend the entire town loves. He helps all and is quite happy until one day when he gets up on the wrong side of the bed! Grumpy, sour and cross, Dick stomps through the town and causes chaos and trouble. However, his friends pool around him and offer the same kindnesses he has always shown. A brilliant story shining a light on bad days and friendships. Utterly delightful and brilliant!
10 Dogs by Emily Gravett, Published by Two Hoots
Emily Gravett’s books are so popular with young readers, the illustrations leaping off each page. First we had 10 Cats and now we have the companion, 10 Dogs. Expect utter chaos as 10 dogs find 10 sausages and some dogs have some and others do not. Fun, rhyming and filled with counting, it’s an ideal story for young readers. From finding which dogs are lucky to spotting the lengths they go to get a sausage there is so much to enjoy. I love Emily Gravett’s illustrations and stories- guaranteed hits!
The King’s Hats by Sheila May Bird and Mark Beech, Published by Welbeck Publishing
I may be sharing this post-Coronation but it is still funny and relevant! The King is struggling with the weight of his Royal Crown, and after watching the Coronation, I believe it is quite heavy. In this story, we see the King try on different hats for various situations, like hard hats, sun hats and hair nets. Each page sees the King enjoying his life and the text is rollicking and rhyming- perfect for reading aloud. The colourful and vibrant illustrations are ideal for this story and readers will thoroughly enjoying living vicariously through the King’s life.
Much Too Busy by John Bond, Published by Harper Collins
There is a lesson for us all to learn from this story! Pigeon is “very very busy” and in a rush but by looking down and stressing about business, finds himself lost. Mouse is relaxing and finding enjoyment in nature around him. When Pigeon finds Mouse, Mouse offers to help and helpfully points out the wonders of the world, a funny shaped leaf, a feather and cloud shapes. Pigeon continues to be in a rush but when they both find themselves lost, Pigeon begins to see more of his surroundings. Another super story from expert John Bond. I love the illustrations and messaging around taking time and enjoying the small things.
In or Out, A Tale of Cat versus Dog by Stacy Gregg and Sarah Jennings, Published by Harper Collins
As a family who own a cat and a dog, I can relate to every page in this story. The constant battle of wanting in, wanting out and disrupting all the activities around the house. Dog takes on the role of letting the cat in and out, in and out and over again. It’s hilariously funny to see Dog enjoy being helpful and seeing that turn to annoyance and then anger as yet again the cat wants out. Bright and colourful, each page is focused on the illustrations and there are few words. Children will love the friendship and fun in this story and the constant battle of dog versus cat!

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