Rory’s Room of Rectangles Blog Tour

Ian Eagleton writes with heart and you can feel this as you read Rory’s story. Father’s Day is an upsetting day for Rory as he doesn’t live with his Dad and his mum’s boyfriend Tony is now part of his life. He feels uncertain of this new set up and the emotions that are tied up within it.

The special card Rory has made stays in his pocket unsure of when or who to give it to, unsure of Dad’s feelings and Tony’s as well. What I love is that Tony takes Rory out and shares his experiences with his own Dad and their special place. Trust is built alongside their friendship and I found it touching that Tony knew just what Rory needed. I couldn’t possibly spoil the heart warming moments in this beautiful book but there is a lot of heart, kindness and belief in doing the right thing for Rory.

What I have learned from reading Ian’s stories is that there is a true and conscious decision to delve deep into human understanding and empathy. There is no shying away from the current issues surrounding the children of today. Family dynamics are constantly changing and these need to be reflected in the stories we read.

Little nods to Ian’s previous books are contained within the illustrations from Jessica Knight. Her style is perfect for this story as there are huge amounts of details on each page, from the city scenes to the framed artwork and into the classroom. It is a joy to browse while you read.

It is worth adding this book to libraries, schools and homes!

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