Reading Resolutions

Hello All,

Welcome to 2019!  Happy New Year!

I had an email from Scholastic this week asking me if I wanted to make some Reading Resolutions.  Goodreads are also asking if I want to set a reading goal for 2019.

I have been debating setting a Reading Resolution- I haven’t set one in the past. So the main question raised is How would I decide what to set?

Does setting a reading resolution make reading feel too pressurized to be enjoyable?
Would reaching or surpassing my reading goal satisfy my reading appetite?
If I didn’t reach my reading goal would I lose my passion for reading?

I love reading and always have done.  I remember reading and loving books and libraries from a very young age and I am working to create this same love in my work and my home life. 
There are so many websites expressing opinions for and against setting reading resolutions, and many offer suggestions about what makes a good resolution. 

Do I diversify my reading interests?
Do I try a new author?  Genre?
Do I try to manage my TBR pile?
Do I read more classics or tick a list of 100 books to read before you die?

I am very much in the reading for pleasure camp and want to enjoy all the books I read.  Dare I say it, but sometimes I put a book aside after reading part of it.  I believe that I will come back and read it when the time is right.  I wouldn’t want to read a book just to say I’ve read it.  Books are written to be enjoyed. My time spent reading is my get away time, my lose myself in a book time. 

I believe I have answered my own question……I will not be setting a reading resolution or goal of a number of books to read in 2019.  I want to read what I want when I want to! 

Saying that I am, for the first time, going to keep track of what I read, review and tweet about this year.  I have bought myself a lovely notebook from Paperchase and will use it wisely. 
I plan to read widely and voraciously!  But it is not a reading resolution, it is a way of life!

Happy Reading in 2019!  There are some amazing books due to be published this year- enjoy them all!

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