Agatha Oddly….buy this series!

I was given Agatha Oddly,The Secret Key for Christmas and I loved it.  I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to read Murder at the Museum before it is published.

I think Agatha is a brilliant character, feisty and determined to get the truth whatever the consequences.  She knows her mind, makes quick decisions and can remember minute details that always come in handy later.   She tends to find trouble wherever  she goes and meets bad guys who try to throw her off course but good always wins!

Agatha is now accepting the trials being set by the Gatekeeper’s Guild and is desperate to gain access to their files about her mother who was also a member.  We learn more and more about Agatha’s mother in this book and more clues pointing to her death not being accidental.  I look forward to Agatha finding the truth about the “accident” which took her mother’s life.

I can’t put the books down once I start them and I tend to live vicariously through Agatha, her friend Liam and new detective ally friend Brianna.  I am nowhere near as brave as this trio and am on the edge of my seat throughout the book, silently cheering them on!

It is an exciting plot, full of twists, turns and surprises.  I am always so pleased when Agatha triumphs over a situation and am in awe of her code breaking skills.  What a fantastic girl!
I wait impatiently now for the third! Brilliant writing Lena Jones….keep them coming!

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