My January Reads

So it should come as no surprise that I love stationary as much as I love books! Find me a teacher who doesn’t appreciate a new notebook or special pen!

I bought this for myself in December as I wanted a notebook dedicated to my blog and reading habits. 
I knew quite a lot of people who tallied how many books they read through the year and I loved the idea! I started keeping track in December and in all honesty it was hard to do.  I would forget to add a book, misplace my notebook or dither over whether to count picture books.
In the end I have gotten into a routine of keeping my notebook next to my TBR pile so it is within easy reach.  Most of my reading is done at night before I go to sleep. 
I also decided that I am including picture books.  Many of the picture books I read, I am reviewing.  I consider that a more in depth read as I want to convey as much feeling and information about the book.  
In January I have read 21 books.  
12 Chapter books
8 picture books
1 grown up book- The Binding by Bridget Collins.  So different from middle grade fiction but a worthwhile read.  

Try not to focus on the messy handwriting! I have read some brilliant books…many new and ones that  I would highly recommmend.  My top picks from January are…

The Day I was Erased by Lisa Thompson
The Dog who saved the world by Ross Welford
Knights and Bikes by Gabrielle Kent
Hotel Flamingo by Alex Milway
Our castle by the sea by Lucy Strange
The girl with the sharks teeth by Cerrie Burrell
Guardians of the Wild Unicorns by Lindsay Littleson
I could not choose just 5! Choosing 7 was a struggle.  
There are so many wonderful books in children’s fiction and I am so grateful that I can spend my time immersed in books! 
Now on to February and I have just started Hazel and Holly: A fantasy Adventure by Sara C Snider. 
I am 6 chapters in and I am lost in the world of witches and warlocks, spells and potions! 

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