A few years ago I won a kindle.  The basic one but it introduced me to a new way of reading and enjoying books.  As a family we travel quite a bit and it made life easier when having to think about how many books to pack!
I go through phases of using it a lot to actually forgetting I have it.

Saying that, a few months ago on twitter, someone mentioned netgalley.  I hadn’t heard of it before and it peaked my curiosity.  I signed up, checked it out and was immediately thrilled I did.  Since joining I have read 13 not yet published books, and I have 3 more on the go now.  I am loving it!

I have enjoyed Bridget Collin’s bestseller The Binding.  The book is wondrous and is totally enjoyable.  I did miss holding the book and admiring the design of the cover.

I was also able to read Sinead O’Hart’s The Star Spun Web.  This was one of my top picks for 2019.  I know it will be met with fabulous reviews and perhaps a few awards along the way.

Michelle Harrison’s A Pinch of Magic was also made available and I fell in love with the Widdershin sisters and the curse on their family.  Another one to watch for this year! It has amazing reviews already!

There are obviously many more I have read and loved.  I will continue to use my kindle, netgalley and my blog to review these books.  There have been several times when I missed holding, admiring or passing along the book but I seem to be able to get past these moments. It is reading for pleasure after all.

I would be keen to know the opinions of others using netgalley.  Do you like it? Does it make you still want to buy the book upon publication?

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