We Won an Island

Bookpost from Nosy Crow this week…..I have been hearing wonderful things about this debut and they were all right!
Join Luna, Margot and Fabien on an incredible family saving island adventure!

Winning a wonderful and slightly impossible competition brings Luna and her family an unexpected change in lifestyle.  They up their lives in London and move north to a small island off the coast of Scotland.  There are bats in the kitchen, goats roaming wild and enough dust to make dust angels but pulling together makes a big difference and positive changes start happening.

There are some excellent laugh out loud moments that make the front page news and hijinks from all three children.  As in any family, the children are all different and they have amazing personalities.  Margot is very cool and smart, loving airplanes and all things flying! Luna loves animals and donkeys in particular and Fabien, the youngest, is a keen knitter and woolly animal fan!

Mum and Dad somehow go along with the plan to move north and although less keen they soon adapt to a new way of life.  Dad needs more time to get over the loss of his mother but the children are working hard to cheer him up! Dad, a former Glastonbury fan, would love a festival! So that is what the children do in secret! Add in more hijinks, funny moments, and an unshakeable bond between the siblings and you have the perfect remedy for a broken heart.

This is a wonderfully uplifting story and I devoured it this afternoon.
Congratulations Charlotte Lo on a happy, stunning debut.  I feel incredibly lucky to have been sent a copy!

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