The Boy Who Flew

What a triumph of a book! Murder, mystery and mayhem! Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Athan, the only boy in his family, gets caught up in a mystery surrounding the murder of his friend and employer Mr Chen. Mr Chen and Athan are inventors and creators of many devices, one of which is a flying machine.  They just need the right conditions for flying…but sadly Mr Chen is murdered before they can test their bird.

Athan and his friend Tod, are roof runners and travel around the city via rooftops.  This helps them to rescue the flying machine, the plans to finish it and to escape from the mysterious Colonel Blade. The man is dangerous, murderous and intent on getting the plans all for himself.

A prize of 10,000 guineas is offered to anyone who can fly the first proven flight.  Athan knows his family needs that money and so the pressure is on to complete the flying machine.  Colonel Blade has other plans for Athan and his family.  The race is on to protect his family, the plans for the flying machine and the legacy of Mr Chen.

A fast paced, emotional adventure.  I was glued to Athan, his bravery and love for his sisters.  He is a brilliant character and I was so proud of him for facing up to Colonel Blade.

At the midway point I was worried, scared, hopeful and needed to read just one more chapter.  Then just one more….and on it went until I was finished.  I love books that keep you hooked until the very end.  My emotions were in tatters but I thoroughly loved this book!

Recommending to my 10 year old.  I think he will enjoy the adventure, thrills and chills held within the pages.

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