Picture Book Perfect Week- Day 1

It is half term break and I am planning my bookish activities for the week.  I am going to dedicate my week to perfect picture books.  I have some new ones in my collection and they are lovely to read and share.  I have included a non fiction book in this week’s plan as it is wonderful.

This week I am also reading The Midnight Hour by Benjamin Reid and Laura Trinder and The Umbrella Mouse by Anna Fargher.  I am loving both of these and enjoying their differences.  I can highly recommend them both!

But this week is called Picture Book Perfect!

I am a huge picture book fan and love poring over illustrations and savouring the words and story.

Today’s book is the quirky informative book called Incredible Creatures.  It is written and illustrated by James Olstein.

The text is kept short so all readers can access and enjoy the fun and fascinating facts about animals we know and love.  There are also new animals to learn about and strange facts we didn’t know.  The rich vocabulary lends itself perfectly to learning and understanding more about animals and creatures in our world.  

The illustrations are wonderfully quirky and brilliant for studying.  I loved the camouflage sloth and turtle in a bed.  The colours and design take this from being an ordinary non fiction animal book to being one of extraordinary proportions.  They make the book relatable and fun! There is a great variety of animals and facts and who can resist discovering the answer to the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? I won’t spoil the fun of reading and enjoying this fact.  
This would be wonderful in a class or school library.  I know my own children have loved having it in the house!

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