Picture Book Perfect Day 4

When the crocodiles came to town
Written and Illustrated by Magda Brol
Hachette Children’s

A wonderfully, colourful and funny book.

It is a large book but that makes it more perfect for sharing with little ones! 
The story begins with two bright and busy crocodiles arriving in Dullsville.  They certainly add colour and sparkle to the town but the dull towns people are not pleased with the crocs or their habits and behaviours.  Eventually they are told to leave! 
Feeling sad and dejected they begin packing, while the “naughtiest thieves in the land” arrive to steal the Golden Donkey! Pages of racing, chasing and sticky sauce ensues! Brilliant illustrations accompany the funny text.  
A fantastic happy ending to make us smile and see what the crocs can offer the town of Dullsville! 
A lovely message about learning about your new neighbours (friends/family/coworkers/etc) and accepting them as they are! We are all different and we bring our own uniqueness to the world! Dullsville needed those crocs! The world needs us to be who we are! 
Loved it! Packed in bag to deliver to school on Monday! 

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