Picture Book Perfect Day 5

Today is a brilliant book about love!

Loved to Bits
Teresa Healy and Katie Cleminson
David Fickling Books

My 10yo son has a bear that was given to him before his first birthday.  It has had multiple surgeries, washes, and adventures but it is truly “loved to bits” by my son and I must admit, by the rest of the family too.  He is, unimaginatively, called Blue Bear.  That was his original colour, though now he is closer to grey!

When I saw this book, I knew it would be special.  I knew it would be one to share with my son and knew he would appreciate it too! We laughed and remembered special times with our favourite bear.

The adventures of the boy and bear are exactly what we might see with any child and their favourite teddy.  Adventures at home, and out in the world.  Adventures with injuries but the bear wears the adventures as badges of honour, and in truth, fits better for it! I love how the brave bear is injured during sword fights, tugs of war, and train journeys.

A lovely, heart warming tale of a boy and his ted! I can recommend this for all families to celebrate the love between a child and their toys.  It is a special relationship and one to be treasured and remembered, especially as they grow older!

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