The Maker of Monsters by Lorraine Gregory

The Maker of Monsters

Written by Lorraine Gregory
Cover Illustration by Meg Hunt
Read with the lights on! A spooky middle grade title for ages 9+.  A great introduction to classics like Frankenstein!
I was fascinated by the blurb on the back…isolated castle, vicious creatures, and the unthinkable escape of the monsters created by Lord Macawber! What a brilliant hook into a spooky story and what an inspired name for a creator of monsters! 
Brat, also aptly named, is the carer of all vicious creatures in the castle.  He feeds them, mucks out their dirt and tries to stop Lord Macawber from using all his magic to create a monster army.  The lord is using necromancy to bring back dead creatures mashed together into new ones.  His final burst of magic brings forth the worst of all creatures, and one who will not obey his master.
Brat must summon all his courage and try to save the World! He must also bring along two sidekicks…early creations of Lord Macawber.  Ones who have no evil in them and who have become Brat’s only friends in the world, Sherman and Tingle.  They too are mixed up creatures but Brat has cared for them and they have a true bond!
On his travels, Brat meets a brave girl, called Molly, who is ready to take on the army alongside Brat and her father.  They must travel to the City to warn everyone but they are not welcomed or listened to. 
We learn much about Brat and Molly and see a wonderful friendship develop.  Brat has been told he is useless by the Lord all his life and so needs to overcome this in order to prove himself.  He shows true bravery and is willing is sacrifice it all for the greater good.  What a wonderful character.
Molly is spirited, brave and a complete hero! She shows no fear and she has a soft side which we see throughout the story.
Add in monsters, a kidnapped daughter, and a magic locket and you have the perfect story for an amazing evening…with the lights on of course! 
Highly recommended from me! 

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