Four Wonderful New Titles

Look out world…there are some amazing new titles coming into the world.  I am thrilled to be able to share these with you and let you know my own thoughts on them.

First up is The Dragon in the Library by Louie Stowell
Published by Nosy Crow

Image result for the dragon in the library louie stowellJosh, Kit and Alita are on summer holidays and discussing where to go and what to do.  Kit, the adventurous one wants to play in the graveyard but her friends suggest the library so they can get the next in a popular new series of books.  Kit is not a reader….and doesn’t see any adventures to be had in the library.  How wrong she was!

They meet the head librarian, Faith, who dispels some of the myths surrounding libraries and the wonders they contain.  Kit discovers she has a gift- finally!  As the proper middle child in the family with both older and younger siblings, she has longed to be special.  Now she realizes she can save the world, if she can just save the library.

Amazing discoveries are waiting to be had by Kit and her friends.  They meet new friends, keep a sleeping dragon from waking up and defeat a bad guy!  And the best news of all…Kit learns to love books! 

An excellent book to enjoy and perfect for 8+.  I really liked the characters and felt that Kit would appeal to both boys and girls, readers and non readers. She just wants adventures and to be noticed.  Alita and Josh are wonderful best friends for Kit.  Faith is a young, magical librarian and can relate to the children in new ways.

Next on my reading journey is Malamander by Thomas Taylor
Published by Walker

Herbert Lemon is a lost and founder…he looks for owners of lost items in the Grand Nautilus Hotel in a small seaside village known as Eerie on Sea. 
Local legends abound about a mysterious and deadly creature lurking in the ship wreck of The Leviathan.  Herbert, not being the overly adventurous type, is happy looking for owners not scaling walls, searching for creatures or running away from mad men holding harpoon guns.  Happy that is until Violet, an adventurous girl, crawls through his window.  She brings with her a mystery to be solved and insists Herbert help her.

So much adventure in this book and is perfect for 9+ readers.  I loved the name of the creature and the legend behind it.  I felt totally immersed in the story and my heart was in my throat while Violet and Herbert fought bad guys, saved old ladies and solved mysteries.

I don’t want to say too much more as it could spoil the joy of the story.  An incredible adventure, new friends and a local legend are the perfect parts to a perfect story. 

Pick this one up and devour it- I did and can’t wait to share it with my own children and some schools!

A Girl Called Justice by Elly Griffiths
Published by Hodder and Stoughton

Justice Jones is new to boarding school and has a lot to learn. 
She adjusts to her new home and soon makes herself indispensable to a murder case that needs solving.  With a name like Justice, a crime writer for a mother and a barrister for a father, she seems to attract the mysteries of Highbury House.  Add in a snowstorm, extra murders and suspects galore and you have an exciting story.  Justice, gradually makes friends, and learns who she can trust and who might be a suspect.
Expect adventure, cold late night meetings and twists and turns!  It was fast paced, exciting and full of Justice and her brilliant, sparky personality. 

As the first in a series I can say that this would be the perfect introduction to crime, murder and detective stories for the next generation!

I was hooked and have to admit that I didn’t discover “whodunit” until it was revealed.  To me that is an incredible achievement.  I don’t tend to think too much about solving the mystery myself and just fall into the story and enjoy every delicious word.   

Wonderful book and I look forward to more Justice Jones stories.

Last but certainly not least…
Swimming Against the Storm by Jess Butterworth
Published by Hodder and Stoughton

Eliza and her sister Avery live in Louisiana, near the swamps and the local legend Loup-Garou.
Their family are shrimpers and live in a house on stilts near the water.  Eliza and Avery know the swamp like the back of their hands, they know the animals, the land, water and how to be safe.

They have survived tornadoes and hurricanes and know the value of family and community.

When Avery goes missing, Eliza and her friends must go back to family and the community to ask for help.  It becomes a fast paced, hugely exciting story to save Avery, who might have been taken by the Loup-Garou. 

In order to find Avery, get home and save their community, Eliza, Huy and Grace must first survive a hurricane, encounters with alligators and flooding.

Jess Butterworth is an incredible writer- her stories involve such daring adventures and strong brilliant characters.  It is a must read for adventurers aged 9 and above!

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