The Company of Eight by Harriet Whitehorn

I must urge you all to buy and read this book! 

It has everything you could possibly want in a book….a map of The Longest World, a fierce female and sword fights with pirates.  Not to mention the circus acrobats, The Island of Women, and a Company of Secret Vigilantes! 
Cass, our acrobatic heroine, is an orphan with dreams of joining the circus. Obstacles bar her way in many forms and she must really fight to survive and conquer her fears in order to find her way home. 
Where is home for Cass? With her elderly guardian in the Great City of Minaris? Teaching little ones on the Island of Women or afloat on the circus boat? She fits in all these homes but some are more dangerous than others.  She makes friends and enemies on her travels and help comes in the truest of forms, through the women she meets.   
Cass meets some amazing, strong and fearless women.  The Company of Eight is formed entirely of them.  They are working tirelessly to rid the Longest World of the pirates who are stealing, burning and intimidating all in their path.  The women help to define her, shape her and allow her to use her own strengths in the fight over evil.  I found myself rooting for Cass throughout the entire journey and hoping she would be able to become a fierce warrior! 
There are some wonderful characters supporting Cass and her journey.  From her friends Tig and Lin in Minaris, to Elsba who she meets on her journey to The Island of Women, to Lion a little slave boy. Not to forget, Rip who I think might become a love interest in the future! 
This book made me cry, laugh and physically want to pick up a sword.  
“…she felt a delicious feeling of excitement and anticipation at the thought of all the adventures to come…”
I feel that this could be the brilliant first in a wonderful series about Cass and The Company of Eight! 
The front and back cover are stunning and all down to the very talented Maria Surducan!

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