Picture Book Perfect Day 2

It is always a good day when you hear the post land on the mat with a thump.  Picking up the package  I could see it was from Nosy Crow.  I love Nosy Crow books and today was no exception.
Three brilliant new books sat happily in their package waiting for me to open and enjoy.

Today’s writing will focus on Have you seen my Blankie by Lucy Rowland and Paula Metcalf

as well as Tracey Corderoy’s latest The One-Stop Story Shop, illustrated by Tony Neal. Both of these are perfect picture books full of charm, colour and humour. 
Have You Seen My Blankie
Written by Lucy Rowland
Illustrated by Paula Metcalf
Published by Nosy Crow
Poor Princess Alice has lost her Blankie….and so begins a search around the palace.  She can’t find it so asks her brother who directs her to a giant, who directs her to a witch, who directs her to a grumpy sleep deprived dragon.  A dragon who wants the Blankie to help him sleep.
The adventure continues as Alice isn’t willing to share Blankie and dragon needs some sleep.
This is a gorgeous book filled with colourful illustrations and rhyming text.  It is perfect for anyone who has a special Blankie or teddy who helps them sleep. It is also perfect for anyone who loves stories with dragons and happy endings.
I know a few classes of children who will devour this book when they see it appear in the library!
The title allows a brilliant hook into reading this one- do the children think he knows where it is? How do we know? I can’t wait to read it aloud and see what they think!

The One-Stop Story Shop
Written by Tracey Corderoy
Illustrated by Tony Neal
Published by Little Tiger Press

Mr Fearless Knight is on a quest to slay the dragon but the dragon has gone on holiday! 
The story is stuck….how can we finish the adventure without a battle between knight and dragon? 
A friendly neighbour points to The One-Stop Story Shop, the place for characters, plots and costumes. Perfect…..except they are sold out of dragons. 
Who else can help move this story along? The most unlikely of heroes….a ferret!
What kind of story have a Knight and a ferret? Well, in order to decide they need to try a few. 
With laugh out loud moments, bright colourful illustrations and a knowledgeable shop keeper we eventually have a perfect story!
This is an excellent book, one to be read over and over again! 
This one will be wonderful for creative writing sessions…think like the shop keeper when you get stuck! 

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