Picture Book Perfect Day 3

Animals take the spotlight today….Penguins vs Badgers!
Both black and white and both learning important lessons in their respective stories!

Meet The Penguins by Mike Brownlow and The Only Way is Badger by Stella J Jones and Carmen Saldana.

Meet The Penguins
Written and Illustrated by Mike Brownlow
Published by Oxford University Press

Two penguins arrive with their cases, eager to make friends and play games.  It isn’t easy to ask to play with others over and over again but they bravely continue on their way asking different animals on each page.  Sadly, the answer is always the same…..no!
Sad and dejected they give up and ponder what to do next….until a little voice asks “Can I play”?
Well, after feeling so many rejections there is only one answer to the little bear.  YES!

The cases are filled with amazing toys, tricks and fun and it isn’t long before others come asking to play.

What a lovely book to read and enjoy! The illustrations are colourful and bold.  The animals are brought to life doing funny activities and there is some humour added in for all to enjoy.

This is an excellent introduction to learning how to be brave and ask to join a game, make a friend or try something new.  The ending is brilliant and funny. I was chuckling to myself as I was reading.

The Only Way is Badger
Written by Stella J Jones
Illustrated by Carmen Saldana
Published by Little Tiger Press
“Be More Badger” signs and a wall have appeared in the forest and the animals are confused.  Badger has decided that all the animals need to be more “Badger”, digging, sleeping underground, and barking. Unfortunately, the animals are not very Badger at all and are asked to leave as they fail each task.  The world becomes black and white to match Badger and just as he wants to enjoy it, he realises he is alone.
In all the excitement of being Badger, he has forgotten to be a friend.  One more sign and perhaps everything will be ok!
A lovely message of being who you are and not conforming to be the same is evident throughout the book.  The illustrations are stunningly colourful, bright and a joy to pore over. 
We should always be true to ourselves and know how important friends are!  This is a wonderful book for reading to all ages, as the message never gets too old! Be you! All the time! 

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