Picture Book Perfect- with Conservation Message

These two beautiful books are very different in look, appeal and illustrations but the end message is the same…conservation!
We are in serious need of protecting our Earth from ourselves and this message is most importantly, needing to be shared with our younger generations.  It will come to them and we want them to know what they can do to help.
Books allow us to share the message without it being too dry or too boring for children.

We start with

Somebody Swallowed Stanley
Written by Sarah Roberts
Illustrated by Hannah Peck
Published by Scholastic
I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book but I loved the cover and the fact that Stanley was given a personality.  When you open the book, the illustrations immediately grab your attention and I spent a long time looking at the beautiful jellyfish.  The book has lovely rhyming text and it flows so perfectly as a read aloud.  
Stanley, the plastic bag, is floating along in the ocean, not quite a jellyfish but terrible things happen to him and he ends up feeling rather despondent.  Animals are trying to eat him as they mistake him for food.  Poor Stanley and poor animals. 
Luckily for everyone, a young boy comes along and saves the day.  He also re-uses Stanley for a better purpose, showing us how we can take small steps to save our planet.  
A wonderful message for young children brought to life in a wonderful story. 
The next book I felt was more for an older audience and the message comes from an almost mythical story.  

The Wizards and The Whale
Written by Anthinula Tori
Illustrations by Jean Tori
Published by Jean Tori Books
This stunningly illustrated book is a story about 12 wizards called upon to gather from their kingdoms to come and meet Willow the Whale.  Willow needs help from all corners of the world in order to plan how the Earth can be protected and saved. 
The wizards travel far knowing they are on an important quest and they use their practical skills, not magical, to ask for help from their friends.
With a focus on the letter ‘W’ throughout the book, there is an almost poetic nature to the text and it is lovely to share aloud.  
The illustrations are bright, colourful and each page is a masterpiece.  Reading this with a focus on illustration and the powerful message we receive from them is too good to pass up.  I have since ordered this to be used in children’s book groups in each of my trust’s 13 schools.  There is so much to gain from reading this book. 
One small part of an overall brilliant book
Let’s read these often and share the message of conservation, each doing some small part for the overall good of our planet Earth.  Treat it with care! 

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