Picture Book Perfect- Imaginative Girls

Two sparkly covers appealed to me tonight! Two girls with brilliant imaginations, June and Sophie!

Once Upon a Unicorn Horn
Written and Illustrated by Beatrice Blue
Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
June has a wonderful home, loving parents and a huge imagination.  She is a treasure seeker and on one quest she finds the best treasure of all- flying horses.  Horses taking their first flights with soft fur and sparkly tails.  All but one, sad little horse in need of encouragement and magic from June.  
They try lots of ideas but nothing works.  June goes home and explains the problem to her family who then come up with more ideas.    
A solution is found and June rushes back to help her horse, but just as disaster strikes, so to does magic! 
From that day forward, Unicorns were born! 
Horns worn in remembrance of friendship.
What greater message is there in the world? Friends make life better, more magical and more fun! 
The message is lovely and the illustrations are a joy.  I have a few favourite pages that would look great in a frame! 
This one is top of my list though.  It is hopes, dreams and wishes in one big swoosh! 
Sophie Johnson: Detective Genius
Written by Morag Hood
Illustrated by Ella Okstad
Published by Simon and Schuster
Sophie has a big imagination and is extremely good at being a detective genius! Bella, her assistant, is not very good according to Sophie! 
Sophie looks the part, with her hat, cape and magnifying glass but Bella has a more simplistic approach to finding and catching baddies!
Sophie is busy interviewing, fingerprinting her toys and having well deserved snack breaks while Bella barks at nothing.  I must admit, I love books where the audience is given the clues and evidence of what is truly happening in the story, over the main character. Bella’s good deeds capture the attention of the police and the reader but Sophie is too busy to notice! Perhaps it’s best they work together next time.
Funny storyline, great imaginative characters and colourful illustrations.  What’s not to love? 

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