Picture Book Perfect- NetGalley titles

I loved this book from my very first glimpse of the cover.  It is another beautifully illustrated book by Lizzy Stewart.  There is a certain joy to be found in just looking at her books.

Matilda and Dad are opposites in most ways, including the fact that Matilda is almost parent like to her Dad’s fun loving behaviour.  She is serious and focused, he is easily distracted.
A map to a treasure leads them off on an adventure which they soon realise is more fun together.  Their different paths are missing one thing- each other.  Matilda is missing out on the world around her and her Dad is missing Matilda who keeps him from getting lost.
A gorgeous book for Dad’s and Daughters and a celebration of their wonderful relationships!
Stunning illustrations accompany the pair on their journey and there is much to discover on each page.

This is a wonderful book and I can forsee it being hugely successful!

A heart warming musical tale of families, love and the joys of working together.
Aston’s musical Grandad’s are teaching Aston all about their music, their instruments and the joy they get from playing in a band.  Aston wants to learn from each Grandad and is finally old enough to learn to play!  He spends time with both and learns so much from each of them.
When faced with a dilemma, Aston comes up with a brilliant plan and he creates something incredible.
Only one band can play at the school fair but both Grandads want their bands to play.  Aston feels torn and can’t decide, nor can the Grandads.
A combination of both bands, a new style and loads of love bring a school fair together.

The power of love and music come together and give us this amazing story worth sharing again and again.

Gorgeous illustrations bring this story to life and I delighted in Aston and his lovely family.

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