Even More Fun for Younger Readers

From Agent Weasel to Bad Nana- there are some brilliant books for those children moving into chapter books yet still love poring over the illustrations.

I read voraciously and although I love middle grade fiction, I am always drawn to Younger Reader Books. Perhaps I shouldn’t call them that as my children both adore this style of book and they aren’t classed as younger readers anymore, nor am I. I should aim to call them Illustrated Chapter Books or something a bit less ageist.

Today I am reviewing the second in a series….The Naughtiest Unicorn at Sports Day by Pip Bird. Illustrated by David O’Connell

Published by Egmont

Dave the Unicorn is Mira’s UBFF (Unicorn Best Friend Forever) but he isn’t what Mira expected when she joined Unicorn School.

Dave is the opposite of everything Mira dreamed her UBFF would be.

Dave is short, fat, lazy, farts constantly and eats everything in sight.

Sports Day arrives and the school is placed into competing teams and given clear instructions for the day. What could possibly go wrong? Two things can go wrong- Dave and Sabotage.

Bad things keep happening to Mira and her team and now she needs to find out who wants her team to lose. Is it her sister or someone else entirely. This is a funny book laced with a mystery and dotted with poo, lazy unicorns and finding friends. I loved the first book where we met Dave for the first time and just like Mira, I have come to love Dave and his anti-unicorn ways.

David O’Connell brings Dave to life with his super illustrations. I love the cover where Dave is refusing to cross the finish line. Such a huge character!

There are more adventures to come and I hope to get a copy to add to my blog. Still to look forward to are The School Disco and a Christmas special. I can just picture the antics at Christmas. I might need to add it to our Christmas Book Advent Calendar.

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