More Fun for Younger Readers

Yesterday featured the brilliant Agent Weasel by Nick East.

Today I will be looking at Bad Nana!

Bad Nana, Older Not Wiser and Bad Nana, All the Fun of the Fair

By Sophy Henn

Published by Harper Collins

She is like your favourite Nana but with an Edge! This is a new series of books and I am so pleased to have read the first two. I was immediately drawn in by the bright bold covers. Why shouldn’t we judge a book by its cover? Especially when they are bright pink, yellow and green- almost neon colours shouting “Read Me, Read Me, Read Me”! So I did! I loved them.

Jeannie is 7 and 3/4 Years old and she has a Nana who is called Bad Nana but she isn’t quite sure why. Although funny things seem to happen more when Bad Nana is around.

Bad Nana is sweet really but not one to be crossed, as her arch enemy Mrs Farquar-Haha might know. They are always at odds and cannot get along.

Jeannie and her friends learn something important about Bad Nana while on a school trip to The Local History Museum and that is “while Bad Nana may have been a little bit naughty and maybe even a tiny bit embarassing, she is mainly brilliant.”

This completely sums it up- Bad Nana does some cheeky things throughout both books and I was giggling each time something happened. I especially loved the announcement made at the fair looking for Mrs Farquar-Haha’s lost marbles.

The use of illustration and bold colours will appeal to those readers still clutching to the safety of a picture book, but will also appeal to their sense of humour and I am sure we all wish we had a Bad Nana to come out and play.

Already checking for publication dates for the next ones!

Sophy Henn is a well established author and illustrator of some of my favourite picture books, including Almost Anything and Edie. Gorgeous illustrations and brilliant stories. Ones to share over and over.

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