Celebrating OUP Picture Books

I was lucky to receive a couple of beautiful newly and soon to be published picture books from Oxford University Press.

It seems a good opportunity to review them in one blog post and celebrate the beauty of them both!

Tibble and Grandpa by Wendy Meddour and Daniel Egneus, Published on 29 August

I admit it doesn’t take much to bring a tear to my eye but this is a stunning book that had me wiping away a tear. Tibble wants to play with his Grandpa. Grandpa isn’t interested in playing, only wanting to garden and this frustrates Tibble. Mum says to give him time, but Tibble persists.

Asking Grandp his top three of a variety of subjects, Tibble gets Grandpa talking and spending time with him. They chat about jellyfish, sandwiches and Grannies, which is when we realise that Tibble and Grandpa have lost someone special. That is when the tears started and my heart swelled. What a stunning book about dealing with loss, grieving and finding your way through the darkness.

The illustrations are so beautiful, full of soft muted colours, shapes and designs. This is one I will want to keep for my own personal collection. A beautiful ending to a beautiful story. Love overcomes, and memories are vital and to be shared with loved ones.

Jazz Dog by Marie Voigt, Publishing 5 September

I was hooked on this book from just looking at the cover….shiny music notes and a shooting star on a dark background jumping off the page begging to be read.

“Follow the music in your heart”….this is all Dog wants to do but his music is different to all other “rock” dogs and he just doesn’t fit in. Hearing jazz music makes Dog stop and listen….but the music is made by “Jazz Cats”. Dogs play rock music, Cats play jazz and never the two shall mix! However, Dog has a dream to play jazz and he breaks all the rules to make that happen.

Cats and dogs are segregated, hissing and howling at each other, unable to listen to the others music, read their books, enter their clubs. Until, Dog plays at a theatre. All come along to see this dog who plays cat music.

Something magical happens when Dog starts playing- it is a new sound! “Something unique”! Cats and Dogs are drawn into the music and instead of fighting, they play their music together and the world becomes a better place.

There are so many powerful messages extended across the pages of this book! Being true to yourself, following your heart and listening to the sounds of others, being open to new things!

Another beautifully illustrated book, full of evening, theatrical colours, in classic Marie Voigt style.

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