The Girl and the Dinosaur

Written by Hollie Hughes, Illustrated by Sarah Massini

Published by Bloomsbury on 5 September

This is a little piece of heaven….perfect for anyone with an imagination and a sense of adventure.

When this arrived I squealed with delight as it was even more perfect than I imagined and it is hardback. It also came with the stunning print that I fully intend to frame and stare at endlessly!

Marianne is a little beach comber, digging for a dinosaur. She is alone and the fisherfolk think she needs a friend. Over time, bones appear in the sand and she names him Bony. Later that night, as Marianne falls asleep she utters a wish into the stars. It is a beautiful wish and we wait to see what will happen!

Marianne sends a wish into the starry night

Turning the pages is like turning pages of a dream- the illustrations take you away with the story and leave you feeling breathless. Bony and Marianne travel together through the sea, the forest and to the top of a mountain…..where a magical moonlit island appears in the sky!

This is where the image in my print comes to life in the story. Dreaming children, all playing happily with their dinosaurs, “where anything is possible and nothing’s as it seems”. I love the rhyming, lyrical language and it is such a wonderful book to read aloud.

The next day on the beach, Marianne is joined by several other children digging and looking for dinosaurs….keeping their magical island a secret from the grown ups! The fisherfolk look on with smiles.

This book makes you believe in the power of imagination, the wonder of children’s dreams and the talent of both Hollie Hughes and Sarah Massini!

This is a book that will never go out of style and will always be loved and enjoyed!

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