The Wonder Girls by J.M Carr

Published by The Cindy Press

Last week on Twitter I came across the first two chapters of this incredible adventure. JM Carr had tweeted offering the first two chapters to everyone. I was then given the incredible opportunity to read the entire book and am so glad I did. This story is full of heart racing moments, incredible bravery and girl power in the face of fascism.

FInd the link below and start your next adventure!

Set in the tumultuous years leading to WWII, we see a mad cap gang of girls take on the ‘blackshirts’ and work together to take down a kidnapping ring. The ring is sending ‘Aryan’ children directly to Hitler who loves the blonde hair and blue eye features. He is not interested in darker skinned children or children who are not considered the norm.

Baby and Fingers are sisters who are living on the streets on London. During a fascist march, Baby is saved by Sophie. They try to escape together but Sophie is caught and taken away. Baby resolves to find and save her. Here begins the journey and the start of a dangerous mission.

Along the way, they add Gin and Brian (real name Brenda, but she prefers Brian) to their gang. They have their fingers on the pulse of this town which is rife with Blackshirts. Ida and Robert are added much later and it becomes more than a mission to save Sophie but to stop the kidnapping and extortion of many children, including Ida’s little sister Bonnie.

I can’t give any more away without spoiling the story but be prepared to read this in one sitting, feeling fear for what is being faced, pride in their courage and joy when they foil a plot! However, just when you think it couldn’t get worse……

I was gripped from the first chapter and my heart was pounding, not daring to turn the page at some points but always feeling that I wanted more. It is a fabulous story and I have high hopes for it in this golden age of Children’s fiction.

Publishing as an ebook on 4 October. Paperbacks coming soon!


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