Picture Book Perfect….Bears!

The animals ask an important question in Kristina Stephenson’s book aptly named “Why are there so many books about bears? Published earlier this year by Hachette.

I am a huge fan of picture books and buy them or borrow them constantly, and even I will admit there are a lot of books about bears. Bears are cute, cuddly and loveable and therefore excellent book characters! I can remember a time when both my children wanted their own teddy bears to be characters in their own stories.

Looking through some popular new bear books, I was spoiled for choice in today’s blog. I plan to share the following…..

Starting with the question Kristina Stephenson poses! Set in Mollusc College, the most brilliant animals have come to debate the “impossible question”. In attendance are Snakespeare, Swinestein, Newton, Shelley and the PhD’s (Porcupines, Hedgehogs and Dragons with Spines). Amazingly named animals all debating the amount of bears in books. Is it because bear rhymes with great words? They are soft? People like bears? So many valid reasons but none agreed upon unanimously! Until the tea trolley arrives…..pushed by a bear. Who then poses the question, “Why are there so many books about dinosaurs?”.

This colourful, brilliantly illustrated book will get your family arguing along with the book to answer the impossible! A very funny book and one that is a huge hit with my classes!

And now to introduce to you…Bear!

My Name is Bear by Nicola Killen, Published by Egmont

A delightful little Bear who believes his name to be the best! Nicola Killen has created the perfect book for back to school. Little Bear arrives in a new home and can’t wait to meet some new friends. However, with Bear believing his name is best, he can’t believe what some animals are called and says so! Bear is gaining a reputation for being rude and impolite. The worm following the story is always in disbelief to the actions of Bear.

This story is so funny and apt for children learning to be kind and polite, especially when learning new names and making new friends. It all comes to a head when Bear meets another friend with the same name and has a tantrum! Will Bear make new friends? Read on to find out more! Enjoy the stunning Autumnal illustrations as you walk with Bear meeting new animals.

Noodle Bear by Mark Gravas, Published by Walker Books

Bear loves noodles, so much so that he missed hibernation due to the famous show Noodle Knockout, but now there are none left…oh no! Bear is forced to travel to the big city in search of noodles, a city that smells like noodles. Bear is the perfect contestant for the hit TV show, Noodle Knockout. Bear is an expert noodle eater and becomes the Grand Champion. However, Bear is missing his home and his best friend Fox. Another long journey and this time, Bear has noodles to share!

A lovely endearing story about friends, home and finding your happiness! The illustrations are wonderful and really bring the story to life. Full of colour, funny situations and a celebration of noodles. It’s making me hungry!

The next Bear is also very hungry….but not for noodles!

Oh No, Bear! By Joanne Partis, Published by Little Tiger

Following his nose, Bear is lead through the woods, around the mountains and over the river to….carrots! Trying one, Bear finds it delicious. He then tries another and another until they are all gone. Oh No Bear!

Bear then finds his way to a basket of acorns, and tries those too. The baskets are soon empty. Oh No Bear! Bear is feeling sad at his actions and promises to make it up to his friends if only he could fit back into his cave. Friends are friends no matter what and so they all push and shove until he pops back in.

A wonderful story with a repetitive plot that will have children guessing what happens next. This would work as a wonderful introduction to hibernation, for this is the reason bear is so hungry! Link with Noodle Bear for another look at hibernation for bears.

Bears are large, cuddly looking, hungry and inquisitive- perhaps those are enough reasons for there being so many books about bears! Children and adults alike seem to like them so maybe that is reason enough.


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